The S.T.E.M. Experience

Team Genius Squad’s mission is to support all learning styles and levels by providing visual-based educational activities and products for all age groups based on S.T.E.M. concepts. Our goal is to promote S.T.E.M. awareness, its positive impact on critical thinking, math, and reading literacy, and cultivate the next generation of leaders. Through interactions with Ava, the S.T.E.M. Princess®, and her team, we combine fun and creativity to help others learn and understand basic S.T.E.M. principles, entrepreneurship, how it impacts the world, and reinforce the message of never letting your challenges define your future!

Ava The S.T.E.M. Princess® (aka Ava N. Simmons) and her team will conduct an interactive session including a hands-on S.T.E.M. experiment with each participant. From this experience, children will engage in fun while learning, gain an increased understanding of basic S.T.E.M. principles as they apply to their day-to-day activities, and learn about S.T.E.M.’s positive impact on critical thinking, math, and reading literacy. Each participant will receive a disposable lab coat, protective glasses, nitrile non-latex gloves, a S.T.E.M. book, a Team Genius Squad Certified Genius Badge, and other great S.T.E.M. swag to solidify their experience.

Our Moments

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The Youth Entrepreneurship Experience

Interactive hands-on peer-to-peer entrepreneurship activities (e.g. how to publish a children’s illustrated book, how to make a business plan, how to make a branded product)