S.T.E.M. Resources

  1. National Inventors Hall of Fame: Provides information on how to invent and S.T.E.M. activities for new learners.
  2. Oak Ridge Institute For Science and Education: Educator lesson plans and tools available
  3. Create and Learn: Free S.T.E.M. Activities
  4.  STEMfinity: Educator lesson plans and tools available
  5. Energy.gov: Free energy literacy videos that educators can pull out and show their students.
  6. Exxon Mobil: Programs and information particularly related to math and science including useful tools for STEM teachers.
  7. NASA Digital Learning Network: NASA’s free-for-all digital learning network offers premium lessons about space technology and other STEM-related careers.
  8. National Science Board: Offers standardized action plans and regularly updated STEM educational opportunities.
  9. National Science Digital Library: Collection of educational materials for educators and learners of all levels, including STEM.
  10. PhET: Free interactive website filled with fun and enjoyable simulations that pertain to the four core subjects of STEM education.
  11. Planetarium: This website lets you explore the heavenly bodies in your browser. You can also add this as an extension for Google Chrome users.
  12. Save on Energy: Save on Energy is a fun and free way to make your students learn about the science of electricity. It features animated infographics that demonstrate the principles and movements of electricity.
  13. Science Fair Projects: This website is a treasure chest of ideas for science experiments and projects.
  14. Teacher Challenge: This website contains a list of more than 20 STEM educational tools that teachers may find helpful and interesting.

S.T.E.M. opportunities for all Using our E³ impact model

Team Genius Squad’s most important goal is to reach individuals who are visual learners, who may not be aware of S.T.E.M. or have limited access to S.T.E.M. We want to remind the world that we are all unique, intelligent, talented, creative, and innovative. Once an individual identifies their learning style, they can unlock their inner Genius and be the Genius they are! Hands-on S.T.E.M. activities can play a significant role in personal skills exploration. Most importantly, it nurtures creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, and communication, which are the essential skills of the future.