Community S.T.E.M. Truck Project

Currently, Team Genius Squad travels in personal vehicles and sets up a Mobile S.T.E.M. Lab on demand at each event. To improve efficiency and our ability to reach youth across the country, we need to expand our operation to a fully Mobile Unit. So to meet our goal of continual growth and accessibility, we are building a state-of-the-art Mobile S.T.E.M. Lab Truck. This Mobile S.T.E.M. Lab Truck will include an internal laboratory area for conducting experiments and the availability to conduct experiments externally via an open passageway. Additionally, the truck would store experiment supplies, merchandise to giveaway during community events and transport trained professionals to assist with our experiments at each event. We are so excited about this project and the ability to expand our reach in the future! Please see the following video to learn more: The next generation can, with a little nourishment and cultivation, change the world. Team Genius Squad wants to give them that opportunity one experiment at a time!

Our Goal

Raised Amount: $7k

Goal Amount: $160k


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